About the Team

Janelle Brennan and Emily Vandarwarka are close friends and together they founded the integral pieces of Core4Collective: whole health wellness and integrative health coaching. Janelle operates Core4Collective's fitness studio and nutrition coaching, and Emily is an integrative health strategist with Evanly Health Strategy & Coaching.

A community centered on fitness and mindfulness is the most fulfilling. From that philosophy, Core4Collective was created. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone, but each of our lives is different. We celebrate differences and drive connection.



We are a community and our instructors are the core. They show up for class and leave it all on the mat. When they’re not in the studio pushing us to lead our best lives, they’re doing some pretty cool stuff at work, at home, and in the community.

Say hello. Give them a high-five. Share a laugh. Spread the love.

We are stronger together.

Payton Stockton started her journey as a fitness instructor in early 2018, when she was looking for something more than just a workout. The Core4Collective set of practices not only completely transformed her body, it also challenges and strengthens her mind more than any other exercise routine. The studio has become her happy place. As an instructor she creates that environment for others. Join her to sweat away the stresses of life and become who you want to be.


Deanna Lipps started practicing barre in 2014, and fell in love with the confidence she felt after each barre class and throughout her day. As her practice evolved, she quickly saw the benefits in her overall body strength and joint health. Deanna knew she had to share her passion for barre and its incredible results with others. Her Sculpt Classes are challenging, mindful, and fun.  


Caroline Clarke has been practicing yoga since 2009, and teaching since 2012. Her favorite style is Power/Vinyasa as it aligns with her belief that yoga can be invigorating, restorative, challenging and relaxing. At Core4Collective, Caroline's practice follows the philosophy that we nurture health from multiple perspectives - be that physical or nutritional - and exercise mind and body so you're never bored!